Khao Sok Paradise Resort in Suratthani

Are you traveling to Khao Sok, but you are uncertain of where to stay? There are many options available to you, but when deciding upon accommodations in Khao Sok make sure to look into all inclusive resort options. The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is the perfect place to enjoy some relaxing, unforgettable days while being pampered by the friendly staff members. While staying at the resort, you can experience tours and relaxing resort activities during the day and a very cozy, romantic tree or jungle house experience at night.

Here is a video overview of what you can expect during your trip in the Khao Sok :

Tree Houses and Jungle Houses accommodation

Upon arrival at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort you will be greeted by the staff with a welcoming cocktail. Accommodations at the resort feature both tree houses and jungle houses that are located in the middle of the jungle. All houses are fully equipped with running water and air conditioning for your convenience. You will be able to experience a unique opportunity to sleep in a fairy tale jungle environment in the safety of a secluded house in the trees.

A jungle restaurant that serves delicious Thai and Mediterranean food

restaurantThe Khao Sok Paradise Resort has a jungle restaurant that serves delicious Thai and Mediterranean meal options. Everything is made to order to assure that you have the freshest food possible. While you are enjoying the food at the jungle restaurant, you will notice that the view overlooks the spectacular Khao Sok National Park. After dinner, there is an exotic Thai Middle Eastern Shisha Bar. Here you can listen to the tones of the whispering jungle while enjoying some cocktails or hookahs.

If you are enjoying the Thai food during your stay, the Khao Sok Paradise Resort offers a Thai cooking experience for guests. A highly experienced Thai chef will introduce you to typical ingredients used in Thai cooking and teach you how to create a few traditional Thai entrees. The dishes that you create can be enjoyed afterwards. Some of the dishes that can be created are:
• Tom Yum
• Green Curry
• Tom Kha
• Mussaman Curry
• Gai Hor Bai Toey

Honey Moon Packages

standart-tree-housesFor those guests enjoying a romantic honeymoon at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort, there are three exotic honeymoon packages available. The first consists of a Thai or oil massage for you and your significant other. This special massage will take place in your room that will be decorated with tropical flowers by staff members prior to your massage. You will also be able to taste sweet, tropical fruits and mousseux wine while you are being pampered.

The second honeymoon package includes the same massage option as the first package, but the blissful pampering is followed by a romantic dinner for two on your balcony. The dinner will be Thai style with several different menu options to select from. The final package adds even more to your romantic evening. After the relaxing massage and the romantic dinner, you and your significant other will be spending the remainder of your evening in a soothing hot spring. Here staff members will add romantic décor to an environment that is perfect for a couple in love.

If you are not getting the honeymoon package during your stay at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort, you can be pampered as well. As a guest, you will be able to request massages in your room or in a private bamboo spa. While you are surrounded by natural beauty, you can relax and enjoy true bliss as a staff member pampers you with an oil, tiger balm, or a traditional Thai massage.

Adventure and Khao Sok discovery packages

The Khao Sok Paradise Resort makes it their priority to accommodate every guest with a perfect package. If you are looking for an adventure, there are packages that include hiking through the jungle, exploring caves, and canoeing down the river. While on this adventure you will be able to ride on elephants, feed the monkeys, and spot exotic wildlife on a night safari. Some of the more adventurous packages include:
• The Khao Sok Adventure Package
• The Rainforest Getaway Package
• The Jungle Discovery Package

If you are looking to relax during your time at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort, there are plenty of packages that pamper you into nirvana. These packages include things like Thai cooking classes, Thai massages, and lunch in one of Khao Sok’s oldest restaurants. These relaxing packages also include relaxing time at a lake where you can go kayaking if you choose. While on this relaxing get-a-way, you will do plenty of sightseeing and temple visits, with opportunities to feed the monkeys you encounter. Some of the most popular relaxation packages include:
• The Khao Sok Paradise Package
• The Khao Sok Relax Package
• The Robinson Crusoe Package

Customized Tours and Trips

For those of you looking for a more unique package, there are a few of those available as well. A scuba diving package is offered as well as a cultural heritage package. A truly unique excursion that is offered at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort is the Khao Sok Survival Experience. This package pairs you with a survival specialist who will escort you deep into the jungle and teach you how to collect drinkable water and how to discern between edible and poisonous plants. During your experience you will learn how to build your own shelter, how to hunt for food, and build a fire for warmth. This package will test your limits.

If you decide not to book a package during your stay, there are several excursions and tours that will satisfy your appetite for adventure and relaxation. Some tantalizing tours include:
• Elephant Jungle Treks
• Night Safaris
• Overnight Lake Trips
• Bird Watching
• Overnight Camping in the Jungle
• Hot Springs

The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is just that, a paradise that is located deep inside the jungle environment of Khao Sok. The resort strives to exceed all of your expectations when it comes to accommodations and food. The staff makes your comfort and relaxation a priority, while still making sure that you plan the adventures you would hate to miss.

The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is the perfect destination for honeymooners, families, or someone looking for a little excitement. When looking for accommodations, make the simple, all inclusive choice and let the staff plan everything for you.

Khao Sok Paradise Resort
119 Moo 6, T. Klongsok
Phanom, Suratthani 84250, Thailand
Bangkok Sales Office: +66 83 30 61 044
London Sales Office: +44 20 81230746