Freight Forwarders in Thailand: Important Things to Know

Proper delivery of goods and products is essential for any business in Thailand. Whether you have a small business, medium-scale enterprise or a large corporation, this is true. In this regard, a large number of Thai companies now prefer hiring the services of a professional freight forwarder in Thailand. The good news is, there are a wide variety of choices here. It all boils down to finding a freight forwarding company that renders the type of service that your business is looking for.

For instance, there are freight forwarders that specialize in handling hazardous chemicals. These companies have the necessary contacts and networks of businesses that have specialized equipment and sophisticated technology to handle chemicals. This specificity is important especially since hazardous chemicals need special handling to prevent accidents, leaks and other potential risks that can come from improper management.

Here, you have to keep in mind that the freight forwarders are just in charge of managing the shipment process. They are not the ones who do the actual moving. They are mere organizers. So what is important to them is that they have the appropriate contacts for your needs.

Although a freight forwarder in Thailand should also have a warehouse services to house the products before the shipping process. The warehouse should also be fully equipped to handle your company’s goods.

Types of transportation for freight forwarding

Essentially, every general mode of transportation can be covered by freight forwarding services.

By ship

For one, you can have your products moved by sea. In this regard, you need a freight forwarding company that can schedule fast and safe marine transportation of your products. The freight forwarder should then have a lot of reliable contacts of marine shipping companies.

By truck

You can also opt to have your products shipped on land via trucking services. Here, you have to find a freight forwarding business that has a wide network of trucking companies for you to be able to deal with a third party trucker that offers fast, reliable and cost-efficient service that covers the region or area you are working with.

By air

Last but certainly not the least, you can also have your products moved by air. In such cases, customers usually find a freight forwarder in Thailand that employs a globally standardized NEXT-21 LGT System. This has also has a web cargo trace service that will allow the customers to gain access to their air cargo’s data through a secured web connection.

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