ExaLogistics : Freight Forwarding from Thailand to the US

ExaLogistics Co Ltd is a international freight forwarder in Thailand, based in Bangkok, that has been operating since its conception in 2010. In a span of almost five years, the company has already catered to more than 3,000 small and midsize businesses’ freight forwarding needs whether by air, sea, rail or truck. Armed with the goal of providing these businesses with affordable and appropriate shipping options, WWE offers imports, exports, customs brokerage, and international and domestic logistics solutions.

thai freight forwardingOne of the major problems that businesses encounter whether on importing of materials or exportation of products is custom clearance. ExaLogistics helps clients in dealing with all the paperwork of clearing goods by means of tax payments, duties and excises and other needed documents. They observe the policies of the Customs and Border Protection as well as that of the other government agencies responsible in importation and exportation of goods. ExaLogistics also pave way for open and clear communication with their clients to enhance the benefits that both ends get from the transaction.

With importation, ExaLogistics accepts transactions and transfers via air and ocean. Again, they assist on “U.S. Customs Compliance” which secures customers’ merchandise through the customs clearance process. Staffs from ExaLogistics update customers on expected arrival time and day and whether there will be delays. And in order to simplify transactions, ExaLogistics provide a point person for every operation that comes in. This way, individuals and business owners alike will save time from reaching different customer service representatives whenever they have concerns regarding their shipments. The point person system and delivery notification services of ExaLogistics are also beneficial for all sorts of businesses to maintain their credibility among clients. Nothing beats on-time deliveries and clear schedule notifications.

In addition, ExaLogistics also provides export transactions. They help customers by means of overseas quotations and step-by-step procedure in exporting their goods. In line with their open line of communication, ExaLogistics as a global logistics company helps business owners identify shipping challenges as well as solutions. They provide the pros and cons and help clients visualize the endpoint of their transactions. They introduce clients to different cost reduction schemes. That is why they are capable of coming up with the most appropriate freight forwarding plans for their clients.

With ExaLogistics staffs’ cumulative years of expertise in the freight forwarding industry, they manage to put into their business the main goal of its owner. That is to provide customers with personalized shipping services that will be beneficial for the profit of their business, security of their goods and credibility among clients wherever they are in the world.